A world of shade

The LLAZA-ELiT range offers many different protection possibilities for gardens, terraces or glass enclosures. Starting from the basic design, there are lots of different solutions to meet the requirements of each situation.LLAZA-ELiT is ideal for flat awnings, square or rectangular gazebos, oriental-style pagodas or verandas − special settings for very special moments. These systems can be supported from the wall, between walls or in gazebo form. The features of the system can be augmen-ted with the Elit-Vertical accessory, which guarantees increased privacy and comfort, creating more sheltered spaces.

Important features

Different installation possibilities allow a variety spaces to be covered.

The pieces have been designed so that the joints are both strong and aesthetically pleasing. The functionality of the Elit range is not restricted by its modern and attractive styling.

The fabric can be angled to prevent small puddles of water from accumulating. The Verastor model even channels water towards two individual outlets. The flat awning can be installed with double fabric to protect the unit and improve thermal insulation. A trellis system can also be employed to increase the area covered by the unit.

Models belonging to this product range

Elit Flat Awning

The most complete system Elit range for garden awnings

Awning for garden and terraces. LLAZA-ELIT allows endless possibilities to enjoy the outside area of home and create new, intimate and well protected spaces . From the basic structure of the awning, we can get several models depending on the specific […]


Square and Rectangular Elit Gazebo

… for your enjoyment …

Terrace and garden awning allows endless possibilities to enjoy being outside of the home by creating a new, intimate and well protected space.


Oriental-Style Pagoda

… a place to dream …

On warm summer evenings the Llaza-Elit system provides users with a fine setting in which to enjoy special occasions and unforgettable moments. This versatile awning’s many uses allow to enjoy the open air beneath an exotic oriental pergola. The […]


Elit Vertical

Protection and privacy with maximum comfort

Elit Vertical is ideal for laterally complementing awning installations with Elit structures, although it can also be adapted for use in solid structure openings. Elit Vertical features an easy anchoring system, can be installed with or without Texpro, wo […]