Self-protecting awnings

The systems in the LLAZA-box range were designed based on a double concept; we wanted them not only to provide protection from the sun, but also to be self-protecting against dust and humidity. The awning profiles can be adjusted very precisely, which keeps the fa-bric in top condition for longer and requires practically zero maintenance. Within the LLAZA-box range, there are a wide variety of models. Their design – featuring aerodynamic lines – makes them easily adaptable to a wide variety of different architectural styles.

Important features:

The mechanism and the fabric are protected when the awning is retracted.

The advanced design of this range features soft, slightly curved aerodynamic lines, facilitating its application in a variety of different settings.

Mechanical and support elements are hidden.

Tension transmission system

LLAZA-Art SystemThe LLAZA-box range benefits from the strength and resistance of the LLAZA-ART SYSTEM of internal tensioning based on a joint which employs flat and flexible belt to optimise the transmission of tension, extending the lifetime of the awning.

The LLAZA-ART SYSTEM offers significant technical and aesthetic advantages for any situation, as it helps to prevent deterioration and scratches on the lacquer and provides a better finish.

Manufactured for CE certification

LLAZA-box has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the directives for length, strength, resistance and safety stipulated by European norm unE-En 13561:2004 + A1:2009

Models belonging to this product range

Storbox 250

The perfect cassette for small spaces

This awning comes with a cassette system and is light, easy to install and very attractive. Thanks to its self-protec-tion system, there is no need to perform maintenance on the awning and it will have a considerably longer lifespan.


Storbox 300

The most versatile cassette

This awning system with cassette stands out for its great versatility and adaptability to multiple applications. This is because it can be mounted in a variety of ways and because its brackets make installation very easy.


Maxibox 300

Created to cover large areas

This complete cassette system is especially suitable for large areas due to the unique combination of its cassette structure, easy installation and modern design.


Microbox 300

Small in size, big in solutions

This is a self-protecting awning whose structure makes it ideal for installation on windows.