MINI-NEWS Nº56. Our MINI-NEWS is all steamed up due to the high temperatures and the huge amount of photos from which to select this week highlightings.
Nevertheless! it is Friday and we aim to celebrate the 228th anniversary of the Bastille day with our friends from LLAZA FRANCE.  Happy weekend everyone 😉


Verastor-Sky is the perfect solution to provide shade to skylights and winter gardens. It can also be used on aluminium structures, also as a horizontal awning with or without slope.
Cannot wait to know more about it? You can have more commercial information by clicking the link to the PDF brochure.



Today we have an extra large list of installations that have captured our attention and our hearts. Our list today comes in MAXI format 😉

Your images are the bright result of a great teamwork. It all begins in our foundry and it ends when a beautiful awning is installed by you in a satisfied end consumer’s home . Thank you for your confidence!

Here it goes one of the strongest models of he season. A Storbox cassette awning with aluminum caps. It’s been installed by Toldos Roldán. The blue and white striped fabric make us feel the summer !!

We go on with another Storbox. This one has been installed in a independent structure of a garden. This work has been performed by Tendals Busquets. It is an imaginative solution to provide shade anywhere.

In Instagram we find this collage by Toldos Motorsol. It is an installation composed by two Splenbox 400 cassette awnings. They are lacquered in black and look very elegant at the entrance of the Barceló Theater in Madrid.

Whether in black or white, the Splenbox 400 is undoubtedly one of the protagonists of this summer. No doubt, just observe this  installation by Toldos TOLCIP of #eltoldodemoda #thefashionawning.

Persianas Tera features a splenbox 300 lacquered in brown. It integrates perfectly in the facade of this pretty house.

What is Maxireus highlighting in their social net?  Look, it is the elbow of one of our classics: the ART arm.

From the USA company Awnings on the Side, we surrender to this Monobloc ART 350 that  frames  a beautiful view.

The installation that has dazzled us this week comes from DECOPAV.   6 ONYX LUX that will give light to the terrace of this bar during all the days of the year, with their corresponding nights 😉