MINI-NEWS Nº57 It is time to enjoy the outdoor space: at the swimming pool, at the restaurant or enjoying a refreshment in a bar terrace. Have a look around! LLAZA sun protection systems make your stay much more enjoyable 😉 This week our MINI-NEWS presents some solutions for the HORECA channel.  Have a great  [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº56. Our MINI-NEWS is all steamed up due to the high temperatures and the huge amount of photos from which to select this week highlightings. Nevertheless! it is Friday and we aim to celebrate the 228th anniversary of the Bastille day with our friends from LLAZA FRANCE.  Happy weekend everyone ;) [...]

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MINI-NEWS 55: January 1st , February 2nd , March 3rd  ... July 7th  MINI-NEWS arrives together with the Pamplona St. Fermin celebrations!    Happy weekend ;) MONOBLOC PLUS 400 If you are looking for a sun protection system suitable for a large area, the model [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº 54 Our Mini-News N. 54 is ready to welcome July featuring some new products of the season and proud to show magnificent installations by our customers. Happy weekend! VERASTOR-SKY: A veranda awning with great advantages. Verastor-Sky is the perfect solution to provide shade [...]

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Our MINI-NEWS Nº 53 welcomes 2017 summer. It's time to go to the beach or the swimming pool, but be careful with high temperatures. Get safe under a LLAZA shade and enjoy the open air. Good weekend and happy St. John’s eve! LATEST TRENDS: [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº52: It’s just one week left to the summer solstice. Here is our MINI-NEWS to give refresh to the today’s high temperatures. ONYX ARM: it protects you along the day and it brightens your summer nights This range of arms is already  in [...]

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MINI NEWS Nº 51: Everything announces that there is very little left for the summer and here we have the MINI-NEWS, just in time to welcome this radiant weekend and wish you a Happy weekend ;) ! ESTE VERANO: PROTÉGETE CON LLAZA. PROTECT YOURSELF WITH LLAZA [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº 50: Today our Mininews celebrates 50 issues!  How fast time passes by!!! We whish to publish 50 more and 50 more and more as years go by. We like this way to enter the weekend. We also want to thank all of you. To the companies that contribute with their images and [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº 49: The season is steadily moving forward.  Day after day we discover more awning installations in the feeds of the social networks. Our Mini-News wants to show you today a fine selection of the most recent published ones. Happy weekend! SPLENBOX: #thefashionawning #eltoldodemoda The [...]

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CASSETTE AWNINGS: one of our specialties

CASSETTE AWNINGS: one of our specialties. Our portfolio is very complete to give the best service to our customers, but it is in two types of product that we are very strong  and  are internationaly  recognised. One of them is the cassette awning. We manufacture cassette awnings since 1993. This has allowed us to accumulate [...]

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