Our Mini-News nº 48 arrives in XXL format. Full of your installations, commercial information, advertisings, etc ... You will also find a new product for this campaign: VERASTOR-SKY, a model of veranda awning that is already a reality. VERASTOR-SKY: THE BEST SHADE FOR THE BRIGHT SIDE [...]

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Our MINI-NEWS N. 47 says hello in this so very good and sunny Friday for the awning sector.   Today we have a lot of interesting installations.  Happy weekend! MONOBLOC PLUS 400 Our new  Monobloc awning from this season is the MONOBLOC PLUS 400. As more as [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº 46 Our MINI-NEWS nº46 arrives so fast and skidding as Il dottore. Happy weekend ;) COMPLET-PRO 350: THE INSTALLERS'AWNING We keep very receptive to the feed-back  given by professionals about the Complet-Pro 350 support. Your opinion is vital for us. Its aesthetics lines, its easy [...]

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NEWS! MINI-NEWS nº45. The awning summer season is already on the go! We love receiving and descovering photos of your installations.... Here you have a mininews full of them! ;)  Happy long weekend! ARE YOU READY? With the arrival of good weather people go [...]

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21th April 2017 Num. 44 MINI-NEWS Nº44. Our MININEWS is already here full of energy after the Easter break. 100% ready to face the beginning of the season. Happy weekend! PERFECT AWNING FOR EACH TYPE OF INSTALLATION Location is a top mind issue when choosing an [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº43. Our Mini-News comes with plenty of good news to wish you a Happy Easter ;)   New brochure introducing the Onyx range, spectacular installations ... etc. News! THE ONYX RANGE BROCHURE AVAILABLE  ONLINE Get it downloaded to know more about this bright new range! The [...]

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7th April 2017 Num. 42 MINI-NEWS Nº42. Our Mini-News is very happy and pleased to introduce one of the greatest news of the season: The ONYX range. The technology of the future is alrady here :D Have a great weekend! Featured news of the week ONYX RANGE. THE TECHNOLOGY [...]

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MINI-NEWS 41 March is nearly over and we welcome the colorful April month. We wish you a very good weekend. A KEY ELEMENT TO ENJOY OUR OUTDOOR’S AND INNER SPACE. We all know that the main function of an awning is to protect us from the sun. However, not everyone knows all about [...]

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BIP-SCREEN Silver Award to the most innovative product in R + T ASIA 2017.

As we announced in our MINI-NEWS from last Friday, the BIP-SCREEN has received the Silver award in the prestigious The international Windows and Door Summit prizes to the most innovative product at the R+T Exhibiton in Shanghai. BIP-SCREEN has been highlighted thanks to its features that distinguish it from other systems in vertical awnings. The [...]

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Our MINI-NEWS achieves its forty issue. He is not a spring chicken any more.... but keeps in great form!!  ;-)   Spring time is here, let's enjoy the weekend! BIP-SCREEN Silver Award to the most innovative product in  R + T ASIA  2017. Our BIP-SCREEN has received the Silver award in [...]

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