MINI-NEWS Nº63: autumn air blows over here as our Mini-News N 63 appears: here you will find interesting installations, news about near Exhibitions, tricks for using Fotostyle360 .... do not miss it  ;) Happy weekend! Fotostyle360® an image is worth more than 1,000 words When [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº 62 Our Mini-News "goes back to school" full of enthusiasm and  eager to work for the new season to be a success. Happy weekend! FOTOSTYLE360: The app that distinguishes the professional installers. The Fotostyle360® community grows day by day with new members that rely on [...]

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Our Mini-News nº 61 comes back eager to start the season after a short but intense vacation. Here you will a brief summary of the most interesting installations during these last weeks. Happy weekend! PROTECT YOUR SKIN WITH THE BEST CARE Society is becoming increasingly [...]

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Mini-News 18th August 2017

Our Mini-News was ready for today, satisfied he was going to announce his two weeks holidays. We were feeling very happy while editing it along the week. Unfortunately,  after the attacks from yesterday in Barcelona and Cambrils, our mood is not the same and we proceed to re-write our weekly greeting to get nearer the [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº 59:  already August, our MINI-NEWS 59 is already thinking about changing its first digit before going on holidays a few days.  Happy weekend! LLAZA WORLD: SPECIALIZED IN RETRACTABLE ARMS The LLAZA-ART range benefits from the strength and resistance of the internal tensioning [...]

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MINI-NEWS 58: Our MINI-NEWS is prepared to say goodbye to July and welcome August during the week. LLAZA WORLD: SPECIALIZED IN RETRACTABLE ARMS In LLAZA we are highly specialized in retractable arms. Form our wide portfolio we highlight today the SPLENDOR range. Composed by SPLENDOR [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº57 It is time to enjoy the outdoor space: at the swimming pool, at the restaurant or enjoying a refreshment in a bar terrace. Have a look around! LLAZA sun protection systems make your stay much more enjoyable 😉 This week our MINI-NEWS presents some solutions for the HORECA channel.  Have a great  [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº56. Our MINI-NEWS is all steamed up due to the high temperatures and the huge amount of photos from which to select this week highlightings. Nevertheless! it is Friday and we aim to celebrate the 228th anniversary of the Bastille day with our friends from LLAZA FRANCE.  Happy weekend everyone ;) [...]

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MINI-NEWS 55: January 1st , February 2nd , March 3rd  ... July 7th  MINI-NEWS arrives together with the Pamplona St. Fermin celebrations!    Happy weekend ;) MONOBLOC PLUS 400 If you are looking for a sun protection system suitable for a large area, the model [...]

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MINI-NEWS Nº 54 Our Mini-News N. 54 is ready to welcome July featuring some new products of the season and proud to show magnificent installations by our customers. Happy weekend! VERASTOR-SKY: A veranda awning with great advantages. Verastor-Sky is the perfect solution to provide shade [...]

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