Range with top features and design

Inspired by refined spherical forms, the LLAZA-Win range is a step forward in the design of solar protection systems. its clean and compact look accentuates the modern character of the system, making it a perfect match for the most cutting-edge architectural designs. The protective capacity of the LLAZA-Win range as well as its many excellent features make it the ideal awning for large spaces since it can provide more extensive areas of shade with only two support arms.

Important features

This means our advanced double-tensioning LLAZA-Win SYSTEM and the ability to precisely regulate the angle of the awning.

Easy set-up reduces installation and assembly time.

Inspired by spherical shapes with hidden support and tensioning elements.

Tension transmission system LLAZA-WIN System

The LLAZA-Win range incorporates our double-tensioning LLAZA-WIN SYSTEM, in which the arms maintain constant tension in order to keep the fabric taut at all times, even at intermediate positions between full extension and retraction. it works based on an internationally patented system which results in less wear and tear while making opening and closing easier and increasing the durability of the unit.

The LLAZA-WIN SYSTEM integrates the tension transmission system inside the elbow joint, giving it a cleaner and more elegant look.

Manufactured for CE certification

LLAZA-Win has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the directives for length, strength, resistance and safety stipulated by European norm UNE-EN 13561:2004 + A1:2009.

Models belonging to this product range


The awning that reflects a life with style

The Winbox-Style is a cassette awning with great strength and gentleness of shapes; a stark contrast with designer look.
Combination of angles and original spherical form of the WIN range.

Thanks to its sturdiness and advanced tehcnology allows dimensions of 6,00 m width x 4,00 m projection. It only needs a pair of arms to achieve it.

The possibility of combining colors in the structure […


Winbox 350

Innovative awnings with spherical forms

These awnings feature a cassette system and are perfect for large areas. The advanced technology used in this awning means that it can cover areas of up to 6.0 m x 3.5 m with only two arms. Its design is inspired by spherical shapes. The tension trans-mis […]


Win Monobloc 400 Texpro

The innovation of the Win range. The strength of the Monobloc system

A global benchmark in design and durability, this awning incorporates the advanced technology of LLAZAWIN and the strength of a Monobloc system. With only two arms it can cover areas of up to 7.00 metres in width and 4.00 metres of projection while keepin […